Stanislav Mitrovic (1963) was born in Belgrado, 1963. He studied saxophone and bassclarinet at the Rotterdam conservatory from 1988-1995. Stanislav:

  •  played with the Mijke Loeven band 1994-2000
  • won the first prize at the Dutch Jazz Concours 1996 with “Double B” (together with Akos Laki)
  • composes and arranges for Double B (CDs Cha-Chack Train and Ethno Funk; this last one with Headhunters rythm section Paul Jackso, bass, and Mike Clark, drums)
  • played with Matilde Santing band (CDs To others to one and New Amsterdam)
  • played with Amsterdam klezmer band Klezmokum (CD Le Dor Va Dor)
  • played with Burton Greene Quartet
  • plays regularly in the Netherlands and abroad with his own jazz quartet, together with gitarist Ratko Zjaca (CDs Shades of Spirit and Crossing the Border with Al Foster, drums, and John Patitucci, bass)
  • plays with Dizzy Jazz Orchestra
  • plays with Global Rebop (international world music ensemble)
  • is director of the Persie Swing Collection big band (Steenbergen)
  • and of course plays with CARLAMA ORKESTAR

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